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Links à la Mode: Cyber Monday Teams Up With Godzilla in Attack on Population...

...or, something like that.

Even if Cyber Monday, the much loved day after Thanksgiving weekend, hasn't unleashed crazy powerful monsters of mass destruction on the world, the Internet has still been quite a buzz with every emotion from excitement to unadulterated and rabid fervor over decent, although not particularly remarkable, sales held by all sorts of brands.

I, for one, took advantage of the holiday marketing scheme on Victoria's Secret's website. I had a gift card from my birthday and so I bought a pair of lovely cotton leggings and a really interesting pink t-shirt. But would I spend hours perusing the web for phenomenal deals like some people? I'm afraid not. This behavior is simply unhealthy.

However, I do know what it is like to get addicted to online shopping (Etsy vintage, I'm looking at you). I can spend hours scrolling around Urban Outfitters and Etsy and Nordstroms and... well, you name it. The difference is, this is harmless (except for my rotting brain cells.) I don't whip out my Visa on a whim (what Visa?) but rather with fastidious care.

Oniomania, in an entry on, is defined as being "an uncontrollable desire to buy things." Basically, a desire to impulsively purchase random things. Ceaselessly. According to Wikipedia, those of you suffering from this neurosis aren't alone: Princess Diana, Marie Antoinette, Imelda Marcos and Sarah Jessica Parker are all said to have suffered from this in the past.

I've devised a little shopaholic's guide to calming that manic portion of the frontal lobe that urges us to impulsively purchase things we REALLY don't need. Okay? It's no Alcoholic's Anonymous, but... well, I'll just let you read it.

1. Step away from the computer. In fact, you're going to need to not only press that little 'x' on the top righthand corner of your browser but actually unplug your Internet modem. Cold turkey is the only way to get through this, I'm afraid.

2. Give your parent/significant other/nine-year-old daughter who has been trying to keep you off of the booze ALL of your credit, debit and gift cards. Each and every one. Even that one to Dick's Sporting Goods Uncle Jim gave you for your birthday. I know, I know: what are you going to do at Dick's? Well, a shopaholic finds a way to find a buy, my love. Toss it.

3. Have a mug of DECAF tea. Brew it and inhale the calming scent of whatever is in that little bag some kids in China sewed for around 5 cents an hour.

4. Read the comics or Sarah Palin's book for some light entertainment.

5. Sleep. Actually get some sleep.

After the clock strikes 12 on Tuesday morning, turn that computer back on with a content smile: you will have beaten Cyber Monday...

...of course, there is always holiday gift shopping to do. But hopefully you'll arm yourself with this little nugget: impulse buys are like steamy affairs. They are great on the fly, but after a while all you can think is "I wasted time on this piece of crap?"

links a la mode

Links à la Stocking Stuffers

Edited by Fashion Pulse Daily

This week, as I've been getting geared up for the holiday season's shopping ( both loving and dreading it) via Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I couldn't help but compare the posts to stocking stuffers. Why? Because it felt like a nice, sentimental hodge podge of little items that although different, still fit together into the the bigger equation, hence my new phrase, "Links a la Stocking Stuffers!" Although I jest, I love the variety of posts this week, from how to style and what to wear including Retro Chick's guide to '40s hair for holiday parties,'s tuxedo jacket, The Coveted's adventures in Century 21 and What to Wear's Art Basel fashionable looks, to Prom Mafia's run in with Black Friday and SwaySwaySway's blissful tactics to keep your computer off on Cyber Monday.

As expected, there was a fabulous round-up of links in the forum as well, all worthy of your eyeballs!

Links à la Mode : December 3rd

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  • Prom Mafia - Surviving Old Navy's Black Friday Sales
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  • Retro Chick - A Step by Step Guide to Easy 40s Style Party Hair
  • Style Symmetry - Blog to Watch ~ My Mom, The Style Icon
  • Sway Sway Away -A short and humorous guide to beating those seductive Cyber Monday urges
  • [the 3st] - Interview with Hungarian Designer Dora Mojzes, recently featured at the Marie Claire Fashion Show,
  • The Art of Accessories - helps you find a gift for everyone on your list with the 2009 Winter Gift Guide
  • The Coveted - Finds designers at an old favorite discount department store, Century 21
  • The Door in My Wardrobe - A lengthy post about fabric weaves and fibers, helpful for vintage hunter
  • The Working Wardrobe - Check out these eco-friendly ties that work with your outfit and your office dress code.
  • What to Wear -Art Basel Miami Beach--the most important art show in the United States

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  1. Very witty. I like to think that I'm pretty responsible with online shopping. I'm a pretty broke college student so its either pay bills and eat or indulge. Paying bills and eating seem a little overrated when I'm perusing the sale items on Gilt or Ideeli where a Betsey Johnson dress is a fraction of its normal price and 7 for all Mankind Jeans are like 90 bucks, but then I pinch myself and just think about "someday when I have a real job and a college degree" :( so sad, but necessary. Once again, well written, made me chuckle :)


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