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Review: Spending the Holiday in Manhattan!

I have a message for the men out there: well, it's December 19th, and if you are still searching for the Perfect Gift for your significant other... well, you have five days. Five. Here's a little suggestion for you: get on it ASAP, unless, of course, you enjoy sleeping on the couch.

But in all seriousness, Christmas is a time to show your deep love and appreciation to those around you who give your life meaning. While the most powerful form of thanks comes in the form of a swift embrace, there are more... material ways of saying, "I love you and thanks!" And those material ways can definitely help when it comes to staying in your most cherished one's good graces.

For the holiday, my family and I are going up to NYC to celebrate, and while I doubt I'll be carrying the gorgeous bag featured to the left (remember, I don't have money), I know that most fashion-forward women and effeminate men out there would get a kick out of unwrapping a lovely leather handbag like this beauty of a purse from Aspinal of London.

The product description for the Manhattan Clutch examines the details of the bag. Aspinal's "best selling bag," each Manhattan Clutch is "handmade in stunning Italian Black Mock Croc Calf Leather... by a small Italian family tannery." It features "shimmering" grosgrain lining, "a gorgeous bijou hand mirror and a separate pocket for tickets and invites," as well as a durable "detachable heavy gold gilt chain." The clutch also comes in four other colors: Amazon Brown, Blue, Red and Purple.

It's a classic wardrobe staple, the black leather bag, and Aspinal's upscale take on that staple is just perfection. What's great about it is that it goes with nearly everything, from skinny jeans, boots and a warm sweater to that sexy cocktail dress you've been hiding in your closet, waiting for a party classy enough for it. Apparently I'm not alone: InStyle magazine wrote that the Manhattan Clutch is "amazing arm candy," and Daily Express defined it as both "evening glitz" and "daytime chic." Versatile!

What I like most about this bag is how extraordinary the quality is. That leather just... exquisite. I don't often buy leather, simply because I am heading in a considerably vegan direction from where I am now (of course, I'll never get there because of products like this), but I can wholeheartedly and without a hint of socially-conscious guilt admit that I would buy this chic clutch in a minute. I don't often find bags that just ooze quality. Though I don't have any cash, and all I earn has to zip on over to my American University funds, I will keep Aspinal of London's Manhattan Clutch in mind for a time when I actually have money. 

Aspinal of London's Manhattan Clutch can be purchased for $405.00 on Aspinal of London's website. Images courtesy of Aspinal of London. 


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