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Sad girl is sad. But really, wow. So much win is in the Pre-Fall '10 collections. There's a lot of Chinese influence, I noticed, especially in the Chanel line and in that first Versace piece. Anyway, I was a little underwhelmed by a lot of the designers, but there were a few gems to mention:

The entire Chanel collection was awesome, but I chose this one because I just adore it:

By Diane von Furstenberg:

And Michael Kors (pretty, I want):
But... oh god. Oscar, Oscar, Oscar. BEAUTY DEFINED!!!!!

I'm jizzing.

So sophisticated and sparkly!

But my favorite collection is the Versace. So cool. I would wear these (if I weren't fat and broke.)

I seriously need to get a job, or find a new hobby.


  1. The red/pink Oscar dress is stunning. I don't really like one shoulder, but it works so perfectly here.

  2. @ katherine - I felt the same way! I wouldn't ever wear one (I really don't think they work too often) but this... well, I just want to make love to this dress. Figuratively speaking, of course.

  3. Hi darling, thanks for your words, je t'adooorrrre!

    The Bible of fashion,


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