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Anyway, this isn't really an editorial, but I figured I would give you a little sampling of my favorites from the S/S 10 couture shows so far. Not that I'm there to actually experience the magic, but whatever.

Armani had me singing the theme from Sailor Moon. The lunar motif was pretty, though.

Didn't see to much that I liked from Dior, but this was a nice one. Makes me want to go back into the Golden Age of Hollywood.

The eye makeup is so distracting, but the collection was nice nevertheless.

Marni/McQueen Valentino...? Wait, what? Were the new designers high when they did this? Not all of it is bad, but it's NOT Valentino.


Words cannot describe how I feel about Elie Saab's collection. So, so ethereal and gorgeous. I'm in absolute awe. And I want it all. ALL.

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