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Went thrifting in Hockessin...

For those of you who live in or near Delaware, go to Designer Consigner ASAP! They sell some incredible things! I got a perennial in my wardrobe, my vintage brown suede Prada purse, there a long time ago. But this has become one of my favorite stops. And today, with $70 in hand, I searched for a cool dress...

... and found instead these:

I ended up spending $28 on an orange (pleather- don't like killing the animals, kthnx) D&G purse (I was tempted to get this really striking orange Chanel, but A) it was $44 and B) it was a knockoff, and I'm not going to pay that much for a knockoff) as well as $20 on that pretty leather Dior belt and only $16 on the wool vest from Sparrow. For a total of $64, I did pretty well, methinks.

But now I've got like, $20 to my name. Oh well.


  1. ah i love thrifting. totally inspired to go again, haha! great finds, too; love the belt. xo

  2. It's really fun, but I need to reign back a bit so I don't fall sorely into debt... :S

    Thanks dear <3


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