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After spending all day editing the school newspaper, I get to come home and blog.

Quite tired. But then I fall onto my bed in my comfy Silence + Noise sweater and see my favorite pair of heels lying on my carpet and inspiration strikes my frontal lobe with the force of Zeus (or maybe at least Dionysis- aha! a joke for all of you Grecian mythology buffs out there.)

And then I disregard the fact that my stomach is bloating from the coffee I drank earlier and pull on my blue tights and this really, really short little hoe skirt, which, in the right ensemble, actually looks quite lovely.

So I begin to think, "Hmm, Caitie, what exactly inspires you?" And I realize that that question is far more difficult to answer than I expected.

So what is inspiring? What gets artistic juices squelching around in the bod?

For me, besides seeing the occasion perfect accessory or article of clothing that instantly formulates the Image of God (or something like it) in my mind, music does it. When I'm writing, I always have my iPod on shuffle. At the moment, I'm listening to Caught by the River by Doves (great song, get it!) And it is the same when I'm figuring out what I want to wear. And how I want to wear what I want to wear.

Also, looking over TWITCHWORTHY things like this Alexander McQueen ensemble from the SS '10 show gets me in the mood (for creativity, not lovin', you naughty kids!)

God, is that stuff crazy gorgeous or what?
I mean, how does he do it??? The whole collection just defines the phrase "WTF?"

But in a wholly good way, mind you. If only I weren't a broke little Pennsylvanian... got to get on that.

Speaking of desires. When I was in NYC last week (seeing JUDE LAW in Hamlet SPASMFROTHSPASM) a couple of my friends and I went over to Bryant Park and visited this sexy shop, Miss Hoe. They were selling the cutest clothing and accessories. Very reminiscent of what I saw in Tokyo this summer.

The indie designer behind Miss Hoe is Abby Hoe, and she's fantastic! Look at what she's doing. I'm absolutely in love. IN LOVE I SAY.

So long, m'loves.

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  1. I love the tights! lucky thing seeing Hamlet, i wish i'd seeing Othello when ewan mcgregor was in it


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